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Project Manager

Graduated with a Master in Management Sciences (2013, UCL) and a Master in Public Relations (2015, UCL), it's been almost 5 years now that I am working - at this stage - in Communication and Project Management. An extremely rich professional path, which I live with my eyes wide open, with curiosity and enthusiasm. 

My studies took me a few months first in Sydney, then in Paris... And it is in this incredible city that I met an incredible friend, Maya. Co-director of this festival, it is thanks to her that I discovered and joined the Perpetuum Mobile adventure. First charmed in 2018 by this dancing project, I too wanted to take part in this beautiful (& perpetual) movement... And so joined the team. 

By starting these few autobiographical lines, I intended to end them by sharing one or the other of my passions... But I still hesitate. What makes me happiest is the hours spent in a good book and under the sun? Chocolate with fleur de sel? Or dancing and singing my heart out? To choose is to give up, so I'm going to keep it all: what I'm passionate about is all that. And everything else.