- Yoga / week 1 -

Engineer, consultant and businessman for several years, Thibaut decided in 2018 to leave everything to devote himself to sharing what he discovered most precious: yoga. After years of practice, he went to India to train at Isha Hatha Yoga School for 6 months. Without a personal website or even a Facebook page, word of mouth very quickly leads him to criss-cross Paris to teach powerful practices of Hatha Yoga in the form of 2-3 days intensive workshops. He now also teaches across Europe for the Isha Foundation, from Brussels to Helsinki to Copenhagen, and participates in the training of future teachers in India and Europe.


His approach: to give his students transformative and authentic practices with rigour and integrity, as they have been transmitted for millennia within the lineages of great Indian masters. The focus of his classes is on the autonomy of the participants who systematically leave with a precise sequence they can practice for themselves and incorporate to their daily lives.


When the body becomes more conscious and more aligned, both in its physical and more subtle aspects, it gradually becomes a magnificent demonstration of the perfection of existence. What could be more natural then, than to associate yoga, which brings us to this complete alignment, and dance that touches by beauty through the body in motion.