Olga Prudka is a Ukrainian photographer currently living in New York City. Her style infuses modern explorations of space, movement, emotion and psychology with a timeless, candid romance that captivates viewers and engages them in a conversation about being.


Even when she photographs objects and architecture, it is clear that the creator, manipulator, visitor or inhabitant is the subject of the artistic investigation. For Olga, objects are thoughts concretized and structures emerge from the communion of man with nature. And humanity emerges from the confluence of the inner and outer worlds.


Through photography, Olga documents and communicates the complex and dynamic nature of human psychology with unabashed pathos and courage.

Her photographs go to the epicenter and aftermath of trauma, the transcendence of family ties, and the struggle or joy that accompanies the vicissitudes of health. Olga is particularly drawn to these experiences as they manifest themselves in women, whose innate strength she seeks to exalt in her work.

Above all, Olga seeks to inspire self-love, awareness and empathy with her photographs. She blends devotion to truth with a passion for social issues to produce work that is both thought-provoking and contemplative.

Olga is a self-taught photographer who relies more on instinct and intuition than on strict technical training. She shoots with a digital camera, mostly in natural light, but achieves the texture and dimension of analog photography with filters she makes.
The application of these filters gives the characteristic grain and raw emotion of her compositions.


Olga's style is inspired by her fascination with classic monochrome cinema.
Her finesse and skill are the result of her studies at the Academy of Fine Arts in Kiev and at the Istituto Marangoni in Milan.


His ability to communicate complexity with accessible minimalism reflects his 12 years of work as a graphic designer, and his bold authenticity comes from his commitment to what is natural, what is true.

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