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Raphaël Decoster studied drawing at the academy of fine arts in Tournai (be) and then printmaking at the academy of fine arts in Antwerp (be) and at the Fine Arts dHelsinki from 2007 to 2013. He develops his work of animation drawing at the gallery The Drawing box (be) from 2014 to 2017. He creates installations where the moving drawing is mixed with his own music. He is interested in pre-cinematic video devices and traditional animation techniques. At the same time he continues his publishing work in lithography and woodcut, published by Bruno Robbe (be). Raphaël currently lives and works in Porto. 


His work is often narrative but also approaches the performance, questions the gesture and the time. He oscillates between bittersweet scenarios and raw tracings. Nature is often approached through details or spectacular phenomena, interpreted in a free and poetic way. Attracted by the detail, he draws meticulously materials in movement like water, lava, hair, feathers, to extract their raw emotions.

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