Infortuit Dance Cie.


Piece : A Tome Just Ended

A Tome Just Ended is a double bill centered around intimacy in our existential connections. It’s a beautiful piece that takes us through the journey of sharing pain and peace. Sharing the burden of one another is something that is natural to human beings, but how do they react when being confronted by the duty of helping another human being  through the transition from pain to peace?

Choreographer: Jean-Baptiste Baele
Performers: Justine Electeur, Chloé Zambon, Roehn Brind
Music: Ivan M.Lacamara & Manel Santisteban - Tokyo Y Moscu
Naseer Shamma - Baghdad Night
SoundFORMovement (2013) - 7 - 160
Poetry: Freegreenwanderer - Electricity