Malik Zaryaty


Essentially oriented towards the dance world as a dancer, performer, teacher and choreographer, Malik Zaryaty is a young artist born in 1995 and originally coming from Mons in Belgium. Trained in UK, Norway, Greenland, USA and Tokyo/Japan, the dancer’s versatile expertise covers a wide range of dance disciplines going from ballet/jazz/contemporary to hip-hop without excluding the commercial universe.


Founder of Lukaina Cie (Winners of “NRJ Music Tour” 2016 and “Choreographer’s Ball” Belgium 2016) Malik is animated by a singular perspective and now looks at dancing in a way transcending the category separations.

In a more practical approach for choreographic dance, the young man’s perspective gives an anatomic value for every movement based on its shape, its quality and its texture allowing people to actually situate and choose the way they move regardless of their own body natural inclination. In order to clear the body, the process intends to clear the mind first and brings into existence an authentic collaboration between consciousness and instinct.