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Sarjo Sankareh (GM/NO) is a professional Dancer and dance teacher residing in Oslo. He completed his BA in dance and Pedagogy at the Norwegian College of Dance (NDH) post graduate studies at Ricks Odums' school in Paris (IFPRO) and Horton teacher training at Alvin Ailey in New York. As a freelance artist Sarjo has worked with dance companies such as Cie Choreonyx (Bruce Taylor), Cie George Momboye, Ko Murobushi & Edge, Cie OTT and etc. Sarjo is currently working as a dance teacher at Norges Danseskole in Oslo.


Piece : Dancing with the harp!

This piece was created in collaboration with musician Uno Vesje playing live on the harp and here you'll see influences from different styles from modern, Jazz and urban styles used as a means of interpretation. In this piece you'll also see a play of dynamics, music interpretation and creativity through improvisation.