Graphic designer & Visual identity

Graduated with a master's degree in audiovisual arts, Jeroen started his career as an animator for several short films and series. Although his universe is deeply rooted in the world of animation, his passion lies mainly in multidisciplinary collaborations with other directors and artists. 

Cinema, animation, illustration, graphic design and photography are at the base of many professional and personal works in which he finds beauty in everyday life. 

In 2018, the Perpetuum Mobile festival was born for the first time from the encounter of some great minds and dreamers who entrusted Jeroen with the visual interpretation of the project. He took care of the visual style of all the communication. He will continue with the online version and the real version in 2021.

In addition, Jeroen is currently working on a few personal projects such as his own animated short film RAAF, which is currently in pre-production thanks to the support of the VAF, as well as a second book of illustrations, a short fiction film and the animation part of a theatre performance.



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