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Following the success of our 2018 collaboration, the Cultural Centre Bruegel renews its immensely generous support to the Perpetuum Mobile by hosting its 2021 edition, in the heart of Brussels, more precisely within the historic area called Les Marolles.


For two weeks, the festival will inhabit the entire Bruegel, from the outer court to the theater, the sunny terrass, the exhibition hall and the dance studio.


This remarquable space where culture comes to life, this home from which audacity, freedom and creation unfold, is dedicated to supporting committed artistic activities promoting encounter, dialogue and reflexion. In the same spirit, the Perpetuum Mobile will establish, through dance, a time and a space for people to share experience and become more aware of themselves and of others. Pursuing a social engagement dear to the Bruegel, the festival will ensure the accessibility of its activities and will greatly encourage each and everyone (especially the inhabitants of the neighbourhood) to join in.

Cc Bruegel

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