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The Summer Intensive offers two weeks of outstanding dance classes in the modern dance techniques Horton, Graham, and contemporary as well as workshops essential to the dancer’s practice (repertory, partnering, workshops, O’ Passo, AFCMD*). These classes are given by notable international dance artists and some of them will be accompanied by live music.

The Summer Intensive classes are mainly aimed at dance lovers, (pre)professional or advanced dancers (technique classes, repertory, partnering). We also offer several daily classes aimed at dancers as well as at anyone wishing to (re)connect with their body and give themselves a treat (Workshops, yoga, stretching, O’Passo, AFCMD*, lectures). Finally, any amateur dancer wishing to nourish his practice and daily life by following some technical class - or the whole Summer Intensive - is, of course, more than welcome to join in.

Unique opportunity to dive in the heart of various artistic worlds, the Summer Intensive journeys dancers among those, with its passionate and rigorous approach. Sharing art and knowledge being of the utmost importance to us, we  accompany each dancer through this unique dance journey dedicated to challenge, exploration and creativity.

*Analyse Fonctionnelle du Corps dans le Mouvement Dansé = Functional Analysis of the Body in the Danced Movement

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