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Deeply rooted in the body, its language and physicality, dance will help us bringing this ideal to life. For two weeks, from dawn to dusk, the Perpetuum Mobile will give you the opportunity to experience dance in multiple ways, from classes to performances or debates. We will also approach dance in the light of utterly distant and, yet, very intimate disciplines such as music, fine arts and philosophy.


The Perpetuum Mobile is therefore a dance festival that falls within various approaches and practices. Unique, ambitious and aesthetically diversified, it offers to the public an audacious journey between the evening performances and the daily classes of the Summer Intensive, not to mention the exhibition, the movie night, workshops and happenings, concerts, jam sessions, lectures, debates and interviews with the artists.

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Our artistic choices are guided by a desire for excellence and accessibility. Renowned figures or emerging talents, the artists invited to perform within the festival deploy a remarkable work, of rare quality and poetry, which we strive to share with the belgian audiences. However, the excellence that we claim is not one that excludes but that unites: we ensure that our activities are accessible to all audiences as well as to all purses by providing a large number of free activities and, where possible, reduced prices.


This commitment, both artistic and social, goes hand in hand with an environmental one. Our team is indeed putting all efforts together to ensure that our action is part of a responsible and sustainable approach of life.


Artistic, intellectual and social melting pot, the Perpetuum Mobile is, above all, a collective adventure. Sharing the art and, more widely, the experience is key to the festival. In this perspective, we hope you will experience the Perpetuum Mobile Festival as an outstanding art platform as well as a unique opportunity for exchanges and encounters between individuals, generations, communities and backgrounds.


The Perpetuum Mobile Festival was created in 2018 by Maya Balam Meyong (dancer, New York), Marie-Laure Lesage (dancer, Antwerp) and Fanny Wattier (architect and artist, Mons).


The Perpetuum Mobile is a young international dance festival aiming to share and celebrate the art of dance as well as, through it, other art forms presenting a special bond with movement. Movement of the bodies, sounds, textures, images or thoughts, this dynamic inherent to every form of life immediately presented itself as our leading light. The utopia of endless movement thus became the keystone, the horizon, the breath of the festival.

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