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- Workshop Saturday 22/08 -

Based in Switzerland, the Kollektiv 52°07 brings together dancers and artists from different backgrounds, careers and experiences to form a platform that aims to support and explore a multiplicity of artistic visions.


The name of the collective, “52°07”, comes from the association of two geographical coordinates: 52°, the latitude of Berlin, where they met and 07°, longitude of Berne, the official headquarters of the collective and city in which they presented their first creation “Bird”.

Bringing together five dancers and a musician, the Kollektiv 52°07 collaborates with artists from different disciplines who take part in their creations or create for them: choreographers, directors, photographers, scenographers...


Within the collective, there is no hierarchy and everyone has his own voice. Through their collective work, they want to highlight each individual, each talent and personality. They see their artistic vision as the unique message of the sum of several voices.


One of the Kollektiv 52°07’ convictions is that a message relayed together as a group will always be stronger. Their goal is to reach and touch as many people as possible through their creations, with interdisciplinarity as one of their main ingredients.

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