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- O’Passo workshop -

Jean-Luc Pacaud trained as a percussionist at the Conservatoire de Poitiers (1981-1988) where he graduated with the 1st Prize in 1988. He completed his musical training and took drum lessons with Guy Hayat, Cuban percussions with Sydney Thiam and courses in analysis, harmony, jazz history and Big Band training at the CIM in Paris. Then he opened his own school in Poitou-Charentes. He has been teaching drums and traditional percussions since 1983.


Holder of the state diploma of music teacher – options accompaniment and musical training of the dancer, specialist in body percussion and O'Passo technique, Jean-Luc intervenes in many dance classes and workshops as accompanist. 


In addition, Jean-Luc Pacaud is a trainer and accompanist of the “Certificat d’Aptitude” and the “Diplôme d’État de professeur de Danse” at the Centre National de la Danse in Lyon and in Pantin since 1991, at the CNSMD in Lyon and in several training centres authorised by the Ministry of Culture.


For several years, he has been the privileged accompanist of major international teachers, in classical, contemporary and jazz dance, as well as in African dance, tap and mime.


He has accompanied the classes of Walter Nicks for ten years, as well as those of Matt Mattox, Carolyn Carlson, Milton Myers, Linn Simonson, Wilfride Piollet…


Jean-Luc Pacaud also collaborates as a sound illustrator and performer on television (Fort Boyard, Sacré soirée, Thalassa,...), and performs as a musician with artists such as Georges Moustaki, Romain Didier, Xavier Lacouture, Jack Haurogné, Bevinda, Laurent Viel…


Jean-Luc has also composed and recorded some of his original percussion works inspired by traditional rhythms. This works and CD’s are intended for dance teachers, creation and sound illustration.

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